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Doctors OnCall
Doctors OnCall +
Doctors By Phone- offers 24/7 access to its nationwide network of U.S. licensed doctors for phone and online video consultations. Doctors by Phone services are available to you at home, work, or wherever you may be.

You can connect via telephone or online video, free of charge, with our network of physicians for informational or diagnostic consultation. This service is a convenient and inexpensive alternative to non emergent Emergency Room, Urgent Care or Physician office visits. Doctors by Phone provides the least expensive and most convenient care.
Yes Yes
Counseling Services- Emotional and relationship issues can be overwhelming. However, personal problems are as treatable as any other health concern if you know where to turn. Phone counselors help solve personal problems of any size. Yes Yes
Diabetic Management- Diabetes can be hard to manage–an average savings of 48% on supplies and the convenience of right-to-the-door service can make life easier. Comprehensive support and personalized care plans make it easier to manage diabetes and reduce the number of medical visits. Yes
Durable Medical Equipment- Through this service, you get a discount on equipment such as walkers, power mobility scooters, hospital beds, blood pressure devices, and much more. Yes
Hearing Aids- Save 35% at retail locations nationwide. Yes
Lab Testing- Members also save 10% to 80% on charges for blood tests and all other lab testing. The network provides affordable lab testing, which leads to proper diagnosis and effective treatment. Yes Yes
Medical Travel Assistance- Members can access a global network of doctors, travel assistance staff and emergency evacuation benefits when 100 miles from home and suffering an injury or illness. Yes Yes
MRI & CT Scans- Members receive discounts of 50% to 75%* off usual charges for imaging services while using credentialed radiologists. Yes Yes
Vitamins- One-stop shop for thousands of top brand vitamins, supplements, herbs, organics and natural health care products at up to 80% off retail everyday. Yes
Monthly Member Fee: $14.95 $15.95
Each plan has a one-time $10 sign-up fee which will be added to the 1st month Member Fee: $10.00 $10.00
1st Month Payment: $24.95 $25.95
Recurring Monthly Fee: $14.95 $15.95
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